o Advertising/ Communication consultation
o Attitude/Usage studies
o Concept development
o Communication Strategy Research
o Concept optimization
o Concept research
o Cultural insights
o Community norm changing advocacy, campaigns and messaging

o Pattern findings in expressed voices of research data
o Data analysis
o Data collection field services
o Data cleaning
o Data crosstabulation
o Data entry
o Data integration
o Data processing
o Data quality
o Data security
o Data visualization/infographics
o Demographic research and database
o Demographic analysis
o Door – to – door interviewing
o Ethnographic Research
o Exploratory Research
o Policy research on feminist foreign policies and their development impacts on local

o Migration and trafficking research
o Field Management Service and supervision of field data collectors
o Focus Group Discussions
o Focus Group – facilities
o Focus Group – Moderating
o Focus Group – online survey
o Focus Group Teleconference
o Focus Group Videoconference
o Focus Group Web conference
o Focus group identification
o Focus Group training
o On-site interviewing
o Gender studies
o Feminism studies
o Poverty studies
o Development studies
o Human rights studies
o Social Research
o Social protection studies
o Poverty profile research
o Human Rights based social protection, insurance research, and social insurance research
o Observation Research
o Political research and consultation
o Qualitative Research
o Rapid assessments on intersectional inequalities, poverty, gender, human rights, child rights, women’s rights and disability rights, street children, children associated with armed forces and children living with disabilities
o Inclusive research
o Legal research
o Report writing Services