About Us

Who we are

We are four women who agreed to start and own Hayaanmedia.
Hayaan Media, Communication and research company – Hayaanmedia

Purpose and the meaning of Hayaan

The word Hayaan describes a process of lifelong journeys/ the secret of the process of a lifelong journey/ the core seed within the process of movement of the Hayaan..


The Lifelong journey of Hayaan is to bring the learnings of Hayaan processes! To make a meaning of the lifelong journey of Hayaan by expressing it!

What we do

We produce stories on peoples’ or communities’ Hayaan. Hayaanmedia is also a Communication, Media, Research and Training and Specializations on different fields of work and knowledge. It also offers:

Following services but not limited to;

Hayaanmedia has teams who are experts on different issues.

Hayaanmedia has teams who are experts on different issues.

– Gender and intersectional inequalities – gender equality and women empowerment
specialist with intersectional expertism
– Feminists who are expert on intersectional inequalities and discrimination grounds
– Human rights specialist
– Migration rights specialist
– Personnel behavioral Development specialist
– Communication and media specialist
– IT specialist – research tools developers
– Social workers who are specialized on community participation, community
development, community crime prevention, Gender responsiveness and
peacebuilding, trauma counselling and psychosocial support
– Journalists (Digital radio, TV and Social Media journalism)