About Us

Who we are

We are four women and one man who agreed to start and own Hayaanmedia. 
Hayaan Media, Communication, research and training company. 
Hayaanmedia is a limited company (Ltd) registered in Somalia. Hayaanmedia is a process-oriented
service delivery company. We aim to bring the core sense of people’s lifelong journeys – Hayaan, through understanding the
processes of people’s stories in lifetime. Through the stories told, we identify problems they faces/face. Through their personal experiences and skills set together with our professional experiences and in different fields,  we  aim to find solutions. the main purpose of documenting people’s Hayaan is to connect people and create a platform for learning from each other.  Hayaan Media highlights on challenges people face in Poverty and other deprivations, inequalities, climate change, environmental degradation, conflicts, wars, and injustice.

Company Description

Insightful stories from people telling their Hayaan experiences in Life is an unique tool in research outsourcing, offering expert data collection services to large research on population. Hayaanmedia takes pride in owning a distinguished and highly competent team of experts with multicultutal and multilingual communication capabilities. Our determination and enthusiasm to perfectly accomplish the assigned tasks mark significant success toward our dynamic growth across Africa and Europe.

 management mechanisms related to
national social risk management of national and international infrastructure development
programs, such us oil drilling or other natural resource accessibility projects forcing people ti

Hayaan in relation to: philosophical, psychological/emotional, educational, social and
economic and political journeys/phenomena (individual class journey) – Hayaan though all
these aspects of life.


The objective of Hayaan Media is to support you to get out the best of your lifelong learning experiences of your Hayaan. You own the ability of expressing your journey/Hayaan and conquer the meaning of your Hayaan with us. Na hayaami! Ila Hayaama!

Hayaan in relation to: droughts, wars, irregular migration (tahrib) natural disasters,
diseases, international migration, internal migration, internal displacements and forceful
demographic changes, lack of participation and risk is to 

What we do

We produce stories on peoples’ or communities’ Hayaan. Hayaanmedia is also a Communication, Media, Research and Training and Specializations on different fields of work and knowledge. It also offers:

Following services but not limited to;